Your diabetes health care team and support network

Many health care providers can become part of your health care team. You can choose, but it is best to have a diabetes in the professional knowledge of diabetes care health care team. 1 Your supporters should also include family and friends, clergy, colleagues and others who may provide practical help and emotional support.

You are the most important member of your health team. You understand your feelings, to take care of your diabetes every day you are willing and able to do things, you also know your difficulties. With your input, honest feedback, your health care team members can provide better care and advice.

Your diabetes health care team may include the following:

  • Main caregiver: may be a family doctor, general doctor, nurse or physician assistant and your general physical examination and sick to go to the patient
  • Diabetes nurse / specialist: usually a specially trained nurse through diabetes, can guide and support your diabetes care self-care daily problems. You can learn what is diabetes, how to deal with how you check blood sugar levels, taking insulin or oral medication, and much more knowledge.
  • Nutritionist: A professionally trained dietitian will show you how your intake of food affects your blood sugar and blood lipid levels and work with you to develop your meal plan to show you how to read food labels, how to plan special festivals and Restaurant diet and so on
  • Endocrinologists: doctors, experts in the treatment of diabetes and other "endocrine system" diseases
  • Pharmacist: advise on whether or not any diabetes medication or other condition you may have or may or will affect your blood sugar level
  • Podiatrists: can provide counseling and treatment of foot problems to prevent infection
  • Ophthalmologist: It is important to visit the ophthalmologist (ophthalmologist or optometrist) at least once a year, so that any eye problems can be treated in time. 1,2

Other experts who may be helpful to you include:

  • Social worker: helps you to find the resources needed for medical and financial
  • Clinical psychologist or mental health professionals: can help you solve the emotional discomfort caused by diabetes and guide you how to manage the pressure
  • Dentists: It is recommended that diabetics look twice a year for dentists
  • Sports Physiologist: Can help you develop an exercise program

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